Saturday, May 17, 2008


Tucker broke his leg jumping off the playhouse onto the tramp with Briggs. It didn't slow him down for too long, the day after he got his cast he was out jumping on the tramp. He is almost potty trained, he just has an accident every once in a while. (who doesn't!)


I'm distressed to say that Colby has gone over to the dark side. He is obsessed with all things Star Wars. I think he very closely relates to Anakin, (you know stubborn, knows everything, refuses to listen to those with wisdom and authority.) He has been heard more than once, while beating Tucker with a foam light saber " Die Jedi scum!" One night when Mom asked him to get ready for bed he said " don't make me choke you with the force" He has already chosen his Halloween costume for this year, yep you guessed it Darth Vader.


Briggs is just happy to be here. He is ready to be done with school, especially reading, and math facts. (sixes are imposable to pass!)


Brennon has been battling stomach pain for quite a while. We have finally narrowed it down to Chrones disease, we have taken him to the advanced health clinic and they have put him on several medications. Now we are just waiting for them to help. It is not slowing him down too much. ( as you can see from the video)


The Soccer season is over for Devon. As a final game he had the oppurtunity to play the Ogden Lobos ( a semi pro team) on the Real Salt Lake field, at Rice Eccles Stadium. What an awsome experiance that was. Grandpa Kimber even offered $100 if Devon scored a goal Dev ever confident asked " each?" So the word got put out that anyone with the assist to Dev would earn $20. Dev didn't get his goal but he had a great time. He even was friends with Kyle again. (nose smasher/smashee) Devon has requested that I mention the fact that Kyle is a JR.

We are so glad summer is almost here, you know..... No more pencils, No more books, no more teachers dirty looks! (sorry aunt Kristen) Lot's of sleeping in, laying around the pool, boating, sleeping in, staying out in the field all day with friends, did I mention sleeping in? We have had our share of bumps in the last few weeks. Grandma Lawrance passed away. Devon decide to prove his manhood by having his nose smashed in. (he did some smashing of his own) Brennon has been diagnosed with chrones disease and Tucker broke his leg. Other than that we are great. (half full people, half full) We are looking forward to seven fun filled days and nights on a ginormous house boat called "Totally Hooked" courtesy of Gma&Gpa Kimber Yea!