Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am going on a major rant!

I have been contemplating this topic for a while now, and have avoided it because it is a little touchy, but after the last few weeks I have decided to go ahead with it. At first I thought I would approach cautiously and avoid naming names. After further consideration I decided what the heck, I can name all the names I want. There is this little piece of paper called the constitution that says I can! So please feel free to agree or disagree or call me names. I can take it!

I have watched a lot of sports over a lot of years. I have watched one of my boys win a state championship and I have watched another play four years on a GHS team and NEVER win a region game.
In January I was at Wasatch High School for Divisional wrestling when I noticed this sign and felt compelled to take a picture.

So yes now I am getting to my point....
I watched Brennon step off a wrestling mat with tears in his eyes. NOT because he had lost but because the other young man was saying vulgar things (while they were wrestling!) and calling him some of the most horrible names I have heard in my 37 years! When Brennon informed this boys coach, he just blew Bren off and hugged his wrestler.

Last week after watching our own GHS Soccer team suffer a hard loss (with a few questionable calls, ok ok they just sucked!) A few of OUR boys refused to shake a particular refs hand.

I wont go into to many details but after some stomping, screaming, and crying. I made it very clear to my family that I will not tolerate this.
There will always be a winner
There will always be a loser
There will ALWAYS be bad calls!

I remember Bear River for turning car lights in our boys eyes during football games, and more recently when they were beating us at soccer with a score of 8-0 they were still cartwheeling and honking after EVERY goal. And never once did they pull out their 11 senior starters.

I remember Ben Lomand for yelling and taunting their own players because they were only beating Grantsville by 4. And parents yelling that they expected the score to be 15-0 by the time it was over. And even after they were up by 9 they were still trying to "take out" our goalie.

I remember Juan Diego for getting up by a few goals and then taking out their starters. I remember them for helping our players up and asking if they were ok!  The only other thing they could have done was given one of their boys a Cowboy Jersey and sent him out to help us! ;)
Now I know some of you are saying... sure it's easy to be a good sport when you always win. NOT TRUE they rarely won a wrestling match and still helped boys up and patted backs and encouraged our boys!

I remember Devon telling me after a hard loss to Judge "mom, it's really hard to hate them, even after that big guy layed me out, he helped me up and said "wow that was a great hit dude"

I am all about healthy competition, and winning whenever possible,
but I would like to encourage all my Cowboys.... No matter what team you are on....
your name...
your team...
your school...
your community...

Monday, April 4, 2011

1.Furniture. Ever since our flood last summer this is what our front room looks like.

2. Brennon and Briggs both need braces soon.
3. I really need someone to come in and finish caulking and painting my baseboards.

1. More Dr. Bills!

2.Grantsville Cowboys T-shirts or Hoodies.
     (I could have taken a pic of our closets but this one was much cuter!)

3. Any more sock without mates.

4. A Puppy..

After all we already have....

but.... How do you say no to this?

* anyone considering turning my name in to an insane asylum to be committed, this is probably considered proof!