Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yellow Card: a serious caution!
Two yellows in one game and the player is shown a Red card and, ejected from the game.

A Red Card: a serious offense!

A red without the yellows means a violent or intentional foul. You are ejected, your team has to play a man down, and your banned from the next game.

Why do you ask are you getting a lesson in soccer rules?

I just wanted to introduce you to someone,

This my friends is.......

The King!

The King of the Card!

Now I know what you are thinking..."is this something to be proud of?"
I guess that is something each person who watches & understands soccer will have to decide for himself. What I can tell you is all the coaches who have coached Devon have told him to play just how he is! Play hard or go home!
Most recently when I felt it necessary to apologize to the coach he looked right at me and said... "He's fine, I like Devons style"
So I guess we have no choice but to embrace THE KING!
*Dev has only received one RED card that I know of, and we have established that bad language doesn't help win games!

Friday, April 9, 2010

What season is this?

When you see all the cars of your sons friends driving erratically through your neighborhood, and then you call your son's phone at 10:30 on a school night and all you hear is "GET DOWN, GET DOWN!!" and the line goes dead. Should you panic? Should you call the police?
We have all heard of the four seasons. But if you are from Grantsville, or have been here long you surely know of our 5th season.... Yep that would be eggin' season!
I remember 20 years ago thinking how clever our boy's were when they left the eggs out in the sun for days so they would be rotten and stinky! But I think even that was trumped this year by the ingenious idea (Don't worry Linc I won't rat you out!) to paint the eggs black, so you can't see them coming in the dark!

Dev: "Mom I need you to get me some eggs, lots of eggs like 5 doz."
Mom: "Really? Why do you need that many eggs?"
Dev: "Protein mom! Coach says we need LOT'S of protein!

hmmm.... Dev did you know you can't absorb protein through osmosis, when being hit by a egg? Just sayin'..... ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring break fun 2010

We decided to brave the cold and snow to do a little camping!
(Ashley didn't like the cold)
The boys didn't mind the cold or mud a bit.
*They even found a stuffed rabbit proclaimed it the
Easter bunny and threw it on the fire!
We also headed out west for a few days to look for shed horns
it was a record haul 48 sheds!

Lots of fun was had by all!

Even the parents, who got to relax in the hot tub at the hotel,
and go out in the evenings for dinner without kids! :)