Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuc... "Mom, they look like little rats! ... They are soooo cute! ... I can't wait to hold them! ... how long before I can hold them? ... can we keep them? ...we have to keep them! ... I have never had an ALL black cat! ... we can keep the all black one right mom? ... two white ones, how will we know their names? ... can I name them? ... they are so sweet! ... do you think tomorrow I can hold them?...five mom! ...cuz her belly was so big hu mom?
We have five new kitties! ......
I already love them all!"
This is Tuckers kitty, Lills if you can't tell from this picture Lills is expecting!

This morning Tuc asks me... "mom, when is Lills going to have her babies?"

I answered... "Any day"

Then he asked... "So when she has them will we take her to a Dr.? or will they just "randomly" fall out?"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When we first started building our house the plan called for a "butler pantry" which consisted of a small hall with a closet in it. MJ decided since we didn't have a butler he probably wouldn't need his own pantry. Sooo MJ being the clever guy he is, closed in and created my extra large walk in pantry.

It turned out to be one of my favorite rooms in the house!

To me a mom of a large family with boys (and friends) with big appetites, and only one income, one of the best feeling is twice a year when I try to stock the pantry.

Knowing that no matter what happens we wont be hungry!

*at least for a few months

my favorite part of my pantry is "the wall" where MJ decided at the first of each year, to chart the boys height.

Is the year when we started, so if you were thinking maybe my pantry was due for a paint job, you are right! But it wont be getting one....... in my lifetime!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lives Like this??

Well yes THEY do!
But not me! I love SUNSHINE!

I love windows, I picked my house because of all the glorious windows!

Now I am rambling and you have NO idea what I'm talking about.

It all started Christmas morning, when these boys...

(This is how Colby feels about humoring his mom with Christmas pictures.)

Received this gift...

So what Heather? What is your point?

Now do you see? What my glorious windows have been reduced to?

Why do you ask?


We can't have glare on the TV mom! I live in a house full of addicts! (and their friends)

If you ever drop by to visit and wonder why Devon is talking to NO ONE or is he talking to the TV? Yes!

He is talking (on blue tooth)to other addicts all over the world who apparently live in caves also!

Well you know what they say..... If ya can't beat em....

*Level 42 call sign: Muzher ;)