Friday, February 27, 2009

Old & Busted... New hotness!

(If you know my love of quotes that one is from Men in Black)

Another of my old friends has passed on!

Is it normal to have an emotional attachment to inanimate objects? Well I often do! I have had this stove for 13 years I picked it out when we built our first house. Last week as I walked past it (really all I did was walk past) the door FELL open and refused to close (I even tried standing there and holding it for a minute to see if it would stay, it wouldn't). A friend suggested tying it closed, that didn't work either. So with much sadness, not only because my friend would never burn choco chip cookies for me again (to her defense she always tried to warn me with her timer, but she couldn't take them out herself!) And also sadness because if I am going to spend our hard earned $$$ I don't want it to be on appliances! I have purchased a new (used) stove. So say hello to my new friend (I have owned her for 2 days and haven't used her) So today we are going on our maiden voyage what should I cook??? I guess I should start with the old standby choco chop cookies, you can't go wrong there! Wish us luck with our new relationship!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

First date...

Devon was very nervous to be picked up on his first date, especially because he didn't know if it would be her dad picking him up! (it was her mom) He was ready by 6:00 to be picked up at 6:30, by 7:00 he was starting to think he had been stood up! I assured him girls were always late! It was worth the wait she looked beautiful! She had brought him a boutonniere
(opps was it my job to get a corsage?)

After 10 min of watching them struggle to pin it on, I tried to help, after another 10 min her mom tried to help, soon after it was decided to just put the boutonniere in his pocket!

They looked so cute together and they had a great time!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Talk about an emotional roller coaster! My oldest turns 16 and my baby turns 4! I don't even know where to start! I think I'll just save it for later..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We are so proud of everything you have accomplished! You are a great kid and have many years of success ahead of you!

We love you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now wait just a gosh dang minute....

I am well aware of ALL the facts!

YES I understand Devon will turn 16 on February 9, 2009 at 11:04 p.m.
Yes I know that when you turn 16 you are allowed to go on dates!

What I didn't know was that Thursday evening one of the cutest little (yes little) girls I have ever seen was going to show up at my door (a full 4 days before his birthday!) and ask to decorate his bedroom with balloons and a poster to ask him to the girls choice dance!

Whats a mom to do???
*I'm not that old I still remember decorating MJ's room (it was for homecoming).
I did what any good mom would do and took her down and even helped carry the balloons!
(and of course immediately started thinking of ways to answer!)

And don't worry I followed him down with the camera

Well I guess I better get used to it!