Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite: A person or thing regarded with special preference.
are you ready for the loaded question?
What is your favorite SPORT?
Now as I ponder this question I don't really think it is fair!
Favorite how?
To watch, to Play, to cheer for?
Do you have to win or lose for it to be a sport?
I did much soul searching and here are my conclusions...
(you can agree or disagree as you choose)


Yep this is may favorite. Cruising around on the water with the wind in your hair & the sun on your face. Watching the smiles, and listening to the giggles of everyone around you. And waiting your turn to ski, board, or get bucked off "Big Bertha"

Brennon has mastered the *360

This is the 37 year old kid having a turn. (me)

And even though this is how Colby sometimes feels about boating
I'm still pretty sure it's my fav!

But now what about........

Everyone of my boys has played Tennis (except Tuc). Grandma Lawrence won the State tittle in 1938 and then went on to play for BYU, so I guess it would have to be my favorite.

Grandma Lawrence 1938


Well now if we are going to start bringing family members into this.
I would be completely negligent if I didn't mention......

I've heard this guy liked to Run ;)

And more recently so does this one...
and someone I know had the fastest mile in the 8th grade... Jus sayin' ;)
(my kids are soooo sick of hearing this)

Running is not for everyone....

This is how Colby feels about running.

How can Riding not be my favorite? Everybody loves to ride!

Even Colby!

Well most of the time.

Flashback 1999

But I have yet to mention...

My dad liked to play basketball

So do my boys. And so did their dad. *no photo :(

So it my fav!

Now I just happen to know at this time of year if you ask Dev........

It is my oldest sons first love. How could Soccer not be my Favorite? It has taken me 4 years to understand this sport but I am catching on. And I have to admit it is very exciting to watch!

This is how Colby feels about watching soccer.

Now I know what you are thinking Krista Hutchins...

It is Americas pass time, how can it not be your favorite?

Devon 2004

Unfortunately this is the most recent pic I have of any of mine playing Baseball:(

but don't worry I will cheer for all of yours...
lets be honest EVERYBODY loves football!

whether your little...or bigger...

Older...or too young to even play!
Everybody LOVES football.

One thing all of these sports have in common is the dinner. You know what I'm talking about. The dinner my parents always made the night before any race or game. Spaghetti and Meatballs! You needed those carbs to fuel you.
Recently I learned this is not accurate for all sports. When I was preparing this traditional dinner before a big match. Brennon looked at me, a little like I was an alien, and said "I can't eat that! I have to make weight." Great now whats a mom to do? Maybe I can invent a Spaghetti and meatball flavored protein shake? YUM :/

Speaking of matches...

This sport is really fun to watch, when your son is on top!

Not so much when hes not!

Even Dev gave it a try. And admits it is the hardest sport he has ever participated in.

Oh wait I almost forgot this one...

What? You have never heard of teenage boy stacking?

Its not mainstream yet but I think it is catching on.

Why do we love all these sports so much?

We win!

We Lose...

We even bleed.But no matter what we keep coming back for more!

Because we love them ALL!