Thursday, January 13, 2011

January, lets face it is not the greatest month of the twelve. What comes to mind when you hear it?
Well for me it means cold & dreary.

And who thought up the whole,
remind me of everything I'm not doing right resolutions list??

Nothing brightens my day better than laughter!

Anyone who is friends with me on FB knows I LOVE a good laugh, and I love making other people laugh. So to help put a little sunshine in our January I am sharing some things that have made me laugh.

People at the gym...

I know what you are thinking..."that's not nice,
at least they are at the gym! and it is true BUT,
I have a sensitive funny bone and when it gets tickled, well... Exhibit A .....

#4- The gal who comes in with her 54 oz. Pepsi and book and heads straight for the hot tub.
*ok honestly I'm just jealous I didn't think of this!

#3- The gentlemen in Wranglers and cowboy boots doing crunches. WTH?

#2- The Asian lady with all her hair in a ponytail on top of her head sticking up 3 inches, who spreads her newspapers all over the treadmill and then runs 10 miles (at a 7!) while reading them! (I have NO idea how she does it)

#1- The lady in her extremely tight skinny jeans (not a slender girl) shirt tucked in, belt on, corduroy waist length button up jacket, big neck less, full hair and makeup done! her only concession to the fact that she was at a gym was her tennis shoes. REALLY?

So even if your new years resolution was not to get in shape, if you just need a good laugh...Go to the gym!

How can PJ's make you laugh? When you get the invitation to your family Christmas party and it says wear PJ's and Brennon comes out in these....
How do you not laugh?

When teenagers after a long day of working as hard as you can to pin another strong, sweaty boy to a mat on his back. You decide to curl up and play a few video games, in your "footie" PJ's. Again necessary laugh!


Sure we all get those funny texts people send around, right? Well the best one I have ever got was from the husband of one of my best friends (you know who you are) it was clearly intended for her and was sent to me completely on accident. I cannot include the contents of this text as it was intended to be "between husband and wife" but I think this was one of the best laughs of the month! Mostly because this quiet, shy, personal, man had sent this and I KNEW just how mortified he would be! Just picturing him blush makes me laugh all over again!!

My Family

Everyday I am thankful for my wonderful family who make me laugh everyday! I cannot post pictures of all of them but know if I haven't posted your pic, if you are related to me in any way you are responsible for making me laugh!

My boys.. Devon~ for sharing my same "quest for a laugh" personality.
Brennon~for his mischievous pranks that keep us laughing.
Briggs~ for his dry one liners..... mom:"were you born in a barn?" Briggs:"Jesus was and if it's good enough for him....."
Colby~for pointing his finger (in the shape of a gun) and saying "touche" when I have finally won an argument.
Tucker~for sharing his, baby of five perspective on things. Like today when he told me "mom, grand theft auto is just like real life!" hmmmm

My other half...

MJ~for always laughing at my made up words, and my perspective of how the world would be in "Heatherland"

My Sisters...

When my sisters and I get together watch out! There will be uncontrolled laughter! We are all crazy, and love to have a good time!

There is one person, no matter how good, bad, crazy, embarrassing my story is I can always share it and she will always take my side even when I am wrong! (actually especially when I am wrong) We can turn the worst situations into something to laugh at. Kristen is my, go to girl when I need to escape reality and just laugh.... at myself, at her, at ANY situation.

My mom...(what?)

Yep, my mom for teaching us that you are NEVER to old to do anything that makes you laugh. Leg wrestle, cartwheel, bowl. You may hurt yourself very severely, but your NOT too old :)

So a great big thank you to everyone who has ever made me laugh!

I Love you all!!