Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Only Colby...

As said by Zazu in the the Lion King.... ..
"There's one in every family sire, two in mine actually."

I was spraying off the patio the other day getting all the winter leaves and junk off. When a piece of plastic came out from under the steps the conversation went like this....

MOM: "Colby will you grab that and throw it in the garbage?"
Colby: "Mom, can't I have a break?
I just did some work the day before yesterday!"

(who watches a movie like this?)

Last night while he was reading, (he is easily distracted) he asked...

Colby: "When you wish on a star does it really come true?"

Mom: "Sometimes, but not always."

Colby: "Well next time I wish on a star, I'm going to wish for super powers!"

Mom: "Really?"

Colby: " Do you want to know what superpower I'm going to wish for?"

Mom:" What I want is for you to read!"

Colby: "I know just let me finish."

Mom: "OK what superpower will you wish for?"

Colby: "Telekinesis!"

Mom: "Oh yea?"

Colby: "Mom whats Telekinesis?"

Mom: "It's when you can move stuff with your mind."

(MJ was impressed I knew this answer)

Colby: "Oh like the force... Yeah I definitely want that!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet ride......

MJ came home the other night and announced.. "I got Dev a car!" (because of the twinkle in his eye, I will admit I was a little suspicious.) I said "oh yea what is it?" to which he replied "ahh 1984 Mercury something, Dev wont drive it!" But it was free! (At this point I was liking the car more and more.)

So when I picked Dev up from the school after his game I told him his dad had scored him a sweet ride! (and because of the twinkle in my eye, Dev was extremely suspicious.)
Devs friend Lincoln decided he couldn't miss this and came home with us to see..

First reaction..... Does it even run?
Second.......... It's almost old enough to be cool again!
Third....... Can we take it for a ride?

Why not?

(um... no license, not registered, no insurance, needs tires.)

Oh well go for it!

They had a great time circling the neighborhood in the newly pronounced Butterfly!
(turns out it's a Mercury Monarch, yep that's why it's the butterfly)

I'm pretty sure it's not the car any teenager would choose, but I was pretty dang proud of Devon for appreciating what his dad had done for him. And being willing to make the best of it!
(he mentioned painting the hood ornament neon pink.)

*I guess this goes under the heading....
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

I know I'm not the only one who did not receive a new (or any) car when I turned 16. So please feel free to leave your memories of your first car. We would love to hear them!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Everybody loves the Dentist!

So what better to do over spring break than a visit to the Dentist? I decided to take everyone at once, I knew it would be a long afternoon but thought it better than 2 or 3 trips. So we loaded up and off we went with the promise of ice cream for anyone that walked out with no cavities. (knowing we had missed our last 6 month checkup I assumed that wouldn't happen!)

Colby was first and after a few tears, and threats and promises he got his teeth checked and....


Next Tucker climbed right up and cooperated completely.......
*The tech even gave him 2 tokens because "he was the best 4 year old I've ever done"

So far so good.......

Devon and Brennon go next and low and behold.......


That just leaves Briggs..... Yeah right? you didn't really think we wouldn't have any did you?

Briggs had 3! well that's not so bad right?

could have been worse right?

*That's when the dentist said Mrs. Kimber could I speak to you a moment?

Lets start with Devon, his wisdom teeth are coming in and will need to be taken out this summer so I am going to set up his appt. with the oral surgeon.

Brennon has a permanent eye tooth that is fully formed but has not dropped down he need to see and orthodontist A.S.A.P he will HAVE to get braces. This is very critical he needs to get in right away!

And let's not forget Briggs, his entire jaw is out of alignment, he too will need to see an orthodontist soon while he is still young and can regrow bone (as they will probably need to break his jaw to fix it!)

Why oh why couldn't they just have had a bunch of cavities?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring break fun....

We jumped right in to spring break with both feet! We decided to go ahead a get started Sunday afternoon.... As we were packing up Tucker came to me and said " I'm sooo excited, I've never been hoteling!" We sure got a laugh out of that one!
We loaded up the bikes and headed west.......

First stop Salt Flats......

Then some swimming in the hotel (I think this was their favorite part)...

Now let's ride and look for sheds..... (horns that have fallen off deer and elk)

A little hiking & climbing....A little more swimming....

What a fun couple of days!

*I would like to note Devon did not join us on this trip, he had Soccer practice and refused to miss. (we admire his dedication) We were home Tuesday in time for his game.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meet Sally....

The newest member of our family came to us through Brennon (surprise) and his love of animals, more specifically farm animals.

His good friend Ty Tittmus offered to give him one of their bummer goats. After much begging and, many promises about who would take care of this goat MJ and I agreed.

Brennon decided to name his goat Thomas until we discovered "he" was a "she" (this happens to us ALOT!) So then the name of Sally was chosen.

Brennon had to go out three times a day and bottle feed her. The worst part for Bren was mixing up the formula, he would gag and heave if he smelled it. (lol) He soon learned how to avoid this problem..... He would bribe his brothers to mix it up for him!

I never knew a goat could have so much personality! I thought it would be like a lamb or pig, something that just sat in it's pen and ate. Boy was I wrong! Sally will follow Bren or Ashley (our darling beagle) all over the yard. It didn't take her long to figure out that the people were in the house, and that's where she wanted to be! So she would come up to the back door and butt it with her head! So MJ said "open the door see what she does" well she came right on in! She came over to the coach to nudge your hand so you would pet her! And now she tries to come in every chance she gets. If we wont open the back door she will lay down right outside of it, or go to the front door! (she has now learned from Ashley to scratch the door with her hoof) I'm not sure if all goats are like this or if ours is just confused and thinks she is a dog? But it has been fun getting to know her!