Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Muddy buddies

I have great memories of doing crazy things as a kid.
Sliding down old wrestling mats in the driveway with dish soap.
(mom was a little ticked when we'd use a bottle a day)
Making obstacle courses in the back yard using anything we could find.
Making huge "forts" with every piece of furniture, blanket & pillow in the house.
Jumping on the tramp in a rainstorm.

So when I saw the fun being had next door...
I just grinned and grabbed my camera!

What are neighborhood kids supposed to do when the drainage ditches fill up with water?

I know!!... grab as much mud as you can and throw it at the girls! :)

Devon and Brittany share a special relationship
(a big change from the prom pics last month)

A good look for Briggs!

And could Tuc be any cuter? I'd still hug him!

The damage was widespread!
Please note* Kristen on her roof also snapping photos, but staying out of the line of fire!
(a wise decision, as I was the recipient of some "mud shrapnel") Did I forget to mention this is how dad cleans
off boys who play in the mud!

*I know allot of pics but I just couldn't leave any out! (I have TON'S more)

It was a fun evening to have right before I had my surgery, it really made me smile, and filled my heart with love, and the knowledge of who and what I am living for.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A tornado in G-ville?

I have always been told "we don't have tornado's here

Well my friends I was told wrong!
I love summer thunder storms, but was not expecting the tornado that came through Tuesday evening. I don't know if it was an F-4 or F-5 but I know it was F-ing (lol) big enough to pick up my swing lift it 10 feet in the air and trow it into my kitchen window!

I couldn't believe how fast my patio was torn apart! And it was just a small one. I can't even imagine what it would be like to live in am area where this is part of life and a very real danger! One more reason to love our mountains!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


: thrown into or being in a state of fear, fright, or panic
Yep that's me!
I have been rethinking this whole... put me to sleep, cut me open, peel internal organs from other internal organs, remove said organ. The pain is not THAT bad I mean not quite as bad a childbirth!? Maybe I could just not eat and take pain killers for the rest of my life? Why not?
Ok... I know, it has to be done. But honestly I don't want to! (picture me stomping & screaming)
At least I could be getting a flat tummy out of the deal. Now that would be the surgery for me :
Everyone says.... "It's not that big a deal, You'l feel so much better it will be worth it." but I am still scared not a big fan of pain, and really not a big fan of not waking up!
Alight I have whined long enough, please be thinking of and praying for me.