Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where's the rest?

Usually I am one of the mom's at Soelbergs the night before the Valentine party, trying to find a leftover box of Valentines that my kids will like!

NOT this year!

This year I went to Target a whole 2 day's before the party's and pick out Valentines I KNEW my kids would like:)

Sooo here we are the night before the party's....... All of the carefully selected Valentines are lines up on the counter.
NBA Cards with tattoos for Briggs!

Laffy Taffy joke cards for Colby!
Toy Story cards with suckers for Tucker!

As I finish up homework and start packing up the backpacks and getting the Valentines all ready to be delivered.
I notice something ODD??

Why does Tucker only have 2 suckers sitting here?
Brennon, Briggs, do you know where Tucks suckers are?

Colby: "I know mom Brennon & Briggs ate them!"

All of them?
Brennon: "I only had 2!"

Mom: (in a VERY loud, angry voice)
"There were 30 suckers! You guy's ate 28 suckers! In the last 1/2 hr?
This year I will be one of those mom's at Soelbergs the night before the Valentine party's trying to find some suckers for Tuckers Valentines!
*next year I will also be at Soelbergs the night before, because I don't see any point in doing it twice!

Friday, February 5, 2010


SOMEDAY, We will go on a cruise.
SOMEDAY, we will build a sport court outback.
SOMEDAY, I will scrapbook ALL my photos.

SOMEDAY:Adv; Things we will do when..........

The kids are older.
We have more money.
We have more time.
For a long time at the very top of my list was...

we will get a KING size bed!
We need to remember to
appreciate and enjoy what we have now!

*On a recent getaway.
Heather: "Honey the room I booked didn't have the usual
queen beds it had one KING size bed" :)
MJ: "That will be nice" :)

All night long I would wake up periodically and wonder
why MJ wasn't in bed with me? Then I would realize
HE WAS! He was just clear across on the other side of
the KING size bed.

*next morning
Heather: "How did you sleep?"
MJ: "Ok, I just kept waking up wondering why you were so far away."

we will just get a new QUEEN size bed ;)