Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halloween as you all know is my favorite holiday!
This year Kristen and Scott were
the hosts of the best Halloween bash EVER! Colby the wounded solider.

Jeni definitely got the most laughs with
her pregnant beer belly & white trash wife!
Tucker loved being a vampire,
and had to do the voice for everyone!

Briggs was the cutest cheerleader ever,

and mom the baseball player.

The Anderson as the Queen of hearts, Mad Hatter, & Alice!

Jeff the Gangsta & his Playas!

Little Red Riding Hood & Granny Wolf.

When Briggs came home at 9:00 we put his GARBAGE SACK
on the scale it weighed in at just over 16 lbs!

It was a very.....
Happy Halloween!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Somthing you didn't know.

This man has NEVER...
walked past or stepped over a penny!

I love this man!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The end of a season.

So October 30-31 marked the end of a season for the Kimbers.

Devon played his final game against Park City. It was freezing cold! They did not get a victory but played as a team and closed the gap by more than most expected. Devon didn't shed any tears, he just had excitement in his eyes , because next year he will be a SENIOR!

(Grantsville vs. Tooele)

Brennons game was on Halloween day. This game also did not have the outcome we would have wanted, but how can you be disappointed when you get to score the only touchdown for your team in your last little league game EVER! That's right next year Brennon will be a Freshman!

(nice catch Bren)

So this season has come to it's end but brings with it so much EXCITEMENT for the next!

*Devon don't let this whole Senior thing go to your head. Be nice to your brother!

Monday, November 16, 2009

What is wrong with me?
* wait please don't answer that!

Why haven't I been blogging? I love blogging! Have I been too busy with my family? No, more than usual. Have I run out of things to say? (I know your all laughing now!) No so what is it? I will be honest and place the blame exactly wear it lies........
I have always known Wal-mart was the devil but now I have to add another nemesis to my list. Ok this is the best way I can describe it...... Shopping for instance is always fun but when you shop with a credit card it seems even funner because your not paying for it right then instant gratification! Well that's how Facebook is like blogging only quicker and everybody is right there!
I have confessed my sins and now I will begin the 12 step program to recovery.
So please help me overcome this addiction by giving me affirmation of my awesome blogging!
*you know.....I'm clever, I'm interesting, and dog-gone-it people like my blog!