Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toilets don't clean themselves?

You know that maybe it has been too long since youve scrubbed your toilets when........

The 4 year old walks in the bathroom after your done and says,

"Wow, mom our toilet is sparkly!"
*note to self..... clean toilets more often.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Brennon & Briggs have been going on adventures since they were old enough to get out of my sight. One of their favorite way's to spend a summer day is up to the "lil res" swimming and sliding down the moss covered culverts. That was the plan Aug. 13th. I took them up and dropped them off with instructions to walk home when they were done. Only an hour later Briggs called and said Brennon had cut his foot and I needed to come get him.
When I got there I could not believe the blood!
When he showed me his foot I could see the bone. We jumped in the car and raced home. I grabbed some dry clothes for him and left Briggs and Megan in charge. About the time I was to the church on Dufree st. I realized I didn't have enough gas to get to Tooele so I turned around and headed to Handy Corner, as I pulled up to the pump I realized I didn't have my planner! (no money) I headed back home. When I pulled up Briggs ran out with my planner and my fab sister said "my car has gas just take it" so off we go again. At this point I can't understand why Brennon is not screaming it HAS to hurt!
When we get to Tooele they took one look and sent us right on our way to Primary Children's.

The Dr.'s could not believe how calm Brennon was, and kept offering pain killers but he insisted he was fine. Until they tried to stitch the ligaments! (they explained that deep tissue "just doesn't numb") After what was many long hours with several specialist (also in this time frame much crying, screaming, sedatives and a mom that passed out.) they sewed the ligaments back together and stitched up Brennon's foot as best they could.
We arrived at PC at 6:00 p.m. and left at 5:00 a.m. the next morning.

Brennon was just a little excited that he got to go to the first day of school on crutches.

*that lasted about 5 min.

It was quite an experience and one neither of us wants to have EVER again!

I have two words for anyone considering culvert sliding....


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still traveling back in time...

On July 16th MJ's baby brother (yes Kev I said BABY) Kevin came home from serving in the Lancing Michigan mission. He was dearly missed, and everyone was excited to have him home.

Still waiting.....

Glad to see the mission didn't make him too serious!

Devon "called" first hug.

MJ was in MD that is why he is missing. It was really hard for him to have to miss this.

*Who is the tourist with the camera? lol

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


MJ and I have never taken a vacation alone together. Sure we have spent one or two nights in a hotel for our anniversary, but never a real live vacation. Our opportunity came when MJ had to go to MD for some training, the room and rental car was paid for and he received an allowance for food. It was the perfect chance for me to join him.

We have the greatest family in the world!
They all stepped up and divided our kids up and took over.
We went to Inner Harbor on the Chesapeake bay.

Downtown Baltimore

Spent a day in Washington DC.

National Aquarium
(why doesn't he look worried?)

So wonderful to spend time alone together! I hope we can do it again soon

*(before 17 years has gone by)