Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am loving the sunshine and have been working diligently on getting skin cancer.

RELAX just a joke!
(yes Kacee I have been wearing sunscreen, spf 8 right? )

With the nice weather comes a few other things in G-ville can ya guess?

Yep, our good friends, the Parana of the insect world....

Do you think if our ancestors had moved here in the spring with the gnats
 they would have packed up and left? I do!
I also think if we made the city folk hang at the ball park for a few day before they
were allowed to move here, we might keep G-vill small town ish ;)

But the fun spring activities far out weigh the nasty bugs...
Dev just wrapped up his 4th and final season of Cowboy soccer!

It makes me sad to think about not going to anymore games :(
*maybe I can talk Tuc into playing?

Luckily there is no shortage of kids in my life, mine and everyone elses. So even though I don't have any playing baseball this year, I have been hanging out at the ball park and having a great time taking pics. If you would like to see them visit my other blog

I guess what I am saying is...