Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging is like scrapbooking, when I start getting behind I feel like I can't catch up so I give up! Well I'm NOT!! I like it too much. So instead of trying to catch up I'm just blogging whatever moves me! And it may be totally random at times so.....

Sunday we decided to take the boy's into see the Temple lights. After a yummy Training Table dinner (mmmm cheese fries, with ultimate dipping sauce!) We headed over in a blizzard to see the lights.
Problem #1 It's only 4:30 (it's not dark yet)
Problem #2 it's a major blizzard!
So in the end we walked around for a while and snapped pics, and waited, and waited...... Even after it got dark only a few of the lights came on. (probably because of the wind and heavy snowfall)
As everyone knows I love to take pictures! My kids are pretty good sports about me always sticking a camera in their face. Dev who shares my personality is always game! Brennon on the other had is more like his dad, and informed me when I tried to take a self portrait of he and I that..."I'm not a 13 year old girl!" Does that mean I am?? I did my best as you can see ;)

The old avalanche trick... works every time!

It was an awesome day, in a life full of chaos!