Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Years Resolution.

For 2010 I only made ONE New Years resolution
I'm pretty sure I will be able to keep it ;0)

This year..........

Have More fun!

Happy New Year!

MJ was a good sport to come play games and
hang out after a hard 12 hr. shift :/
Sorry your all blurry Shan.
Jeremy doin a riff.
Kris gettin jiggy~ wit~ it!
The picture says it all!
The girls!
*Who is the princess front & center? lol

Welcome little Crew

On December 4th we welcomed the newest member to our family. Jeni gave birth to a beautiful 7lb 12oz. precious baby boy named Crew Bryan.

~A new baby is like the beginning of all things,

wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.~

moving right along....

The Kimber Christmas party was hosted by Brian & Kellie and of course included great food and lots of laughs!
My boy's showing their "old man" uncle Russ who's tougher.
Tammy, Shelly, & baby Avery.

The Nativity.
Devon & Macie The evening finished off with a hilarious skit
by Bryan & Kellie and Ryan & Tammy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Luau!

For the Barrus family party we had a fabulous Hawaiian Luau.
Tuc with the big guy.

The boy's are hangin loose.

Anderson tourists

Me & Brennon

Brittany doing a Hula.
Everybody had a great time eating Hawaiian haystacks and opening presents and don't forget sitting on Santa's lap :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Todays date????

YES, I realize today's date is January 7th 2010.
YES, I realize my last post was on Nov. 24th 2009.
So I decided the best course of action was to pretend the month of Dec. never happened :) but then after more thought I knew I couldn't not post the great family pics & great laughs we had at all of the fun parties.

I decided this year to host my 1st annual Bah-humbug party! All who wanted were invited to attend, the only requirements were......
1. Wear sweat pants!
2. Bring your list of 10 things you hate about Christmas.
3. Bring a goodie to share :)
It ended up being soooo much fun! Everyone had their list ready and we all laughed so hard our stomachs hurt! I now know one of the best way's to beat the stress of the holidays is to poke a little fun & laugh at them!!!
This is one tradition I will definitely continue!

*we are working on Kris opening her eyes in pictures!